How to process

The process behind getting a Photorealism

Did you know that your dream selfie is just a couple of clicks away? We are surely achieve our goal to make your selfie look like a real photo shoot.

Although the final price varied according to the complexity of the Photomontage, our goal is to provide easy process.

What we need

The procedure of placing an order comprises 3 consequent steps:

Enter your ideas

The visual impression of each photomontage greatly depends of the quality (Resolution and Sufficient sharpness) on submitted photos describing “Photomontage scenario .”

No need do make erasing tools. - Move, Scale, Resize, Rotate, Flip etc

"Background Change", or more complex "Add Person Photomontage" means a combination of two or more photos and one idea in one picture.

Photo montage is the intricate processes, because most of the time the photos combined were taken at different scale & sharpness, different places, lighting conditions from various sources. Nevertheless, our goal is to simplify the process, making it easily for anyone.


Does the position of the body(Pose) on your photo need to be the same as the other photo. Yes, the position of the body is vital for Add Person Photomontage!

Price Category

Photomontages and photo manipulations offered on SelfieChop are based to two-price ranges according to complexity/amount of figures etc. for your better orientation.

The First: Price $12 (inc paypal fees) | Usually for background change, Body Part manipulations, Put me in/on and etc.
The Second: Price $3.50 | Photo retouching

Our goal is Good service and simple order process.